What Defines Us

Tayrona Capital Financial Group aims to provide its clients with unparalleled experiences through solid and profitable financial ventures that foster sustainable economic growth across the globe. Tayrona strives to grant its partners and stakeholders with excellent returns on their investment, while keeping true to a vision of a lifestyle of luxury, enjoyment, and freedom. Tayrona Financial, our strategic partner, has been regulated since 1999 by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Our Endeavors

Our Partners

Tayrona has established strategic alliances with world-class companies in order to guarantee liquidity, reduce operation costs, offer high returns on investment, design luxurious and exclusive experiences through the creation of world-class properties, and avoid contracting third parties during the financing, operation, and development process of our hospitality projects and services.

Our Security Framework

Tayrona safeguards its data through the use of state-of-the-art technology to guarantee maximum confidentiality, trust, and security in its financial operations. Tayrona adheres to International regulations to protect the information of all its clients using a secure identity authentication process that follows the strictest standards of confidentiality for transactions made worldwide.

Our Offer of Privileges

In addition to obtaining a profitable asset, Tayrona’ clients participate in high-profile events in the hospitality industry, acquire concierge services where they have a service that looks after all their needs, expectations, and desires 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and acquire card membership under PLC product line.

Our Efforts to Boost Your Investment

Tayrona has designed investment opportunities to balance the needs and preferences of their customers. An assessment of the investment benefits based on the economic balance and the investment risk is performed to assign the return on investment percentage and the price of the services in their portfolio, guaranteeing profitable opportunities.

Our Strategy to Heighten Your Wealth

Tayrona has diversified its portfolio to include profitable destinations based on a rigorous analysis of investment opportunities and the formulation of expected performance parameters for properties. These analyses and portfolio opportunities are in accordance with the strict requirements established by Singaporean regulations and laws for companies operating in their country.

Our Contributions to Strengthen Communities

Tayrona acquires, finances, and operates tourism projects that boost the socio-economic development across regions, supporting the conservation of the cultural heritage of the countries in which it operates. These opportunities are generating workforce perks, which are focused on environmental conservation efforts and the adoption of transparent and trusted negotiation practices.

Our Economic Growth

Our worldwide network spans over 200 breathtaking hospitality projects, exclusive and exotic touristic destinations, prime strategic alliances and partnerships with multiple countries providing unmatched and profitable returns on investment, while keeping true to a vision of a lifestyle of luxury, wealth, and enjoyment, which highlights the objective of the company.

Our Skilled Team

Having presence in more than 20 countries, Tayrona’s team is one of the most important resources for its management and development. Tayrona has talented and willing professionals who dedicate their skills and work to design social responsibility and awareness strategies, learning to help give back to the communities they serve.

Our Corporate Responsibility

It is vital for Tayrona to contribute to the development of a sustainable environment. Furthermore, Tayrona takes upon itself a social commitment by taking part in global development under a framework of corporate responsibility based on dialogue, participation, and respect for the basic Human Rights.

Our Environmentally Friendly Mindset

Showing respect for the environment is essential for Tayrona. Some of its exclusive properties, such as the Six Senses Krabey Island, a private island with sustainable Villas, make use of renewable energies and include specialized local-food restaurants, which serve meals prepared with crops grown in agricultural orchards and organic gardens.


General Overview Video

Tayrona in Numbers

$50 billion in active investments, Real Estate property projects, and Hospitality Projects around the world.

Two key industries that encompasses Tayrona’s core operational activities: Real Estate investment and Hospitality services.

More than 200 hospitality projects that evoke the cultural traditions of the most incredible destinations worldwide.

Four Investment Lines: Privilege Luxury Club, Privilege Hotel Ownership, Citizenship by Investment, and Wealth Strategies.

Over 50 years of an outstanding financial and real estate track record in the industry.

Production and investment in over 500 films, whose teams headquartered in some of Tayrona’s properties.

Our Global Network