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Business Portfolio

Business Portfolio

Empowering Financial Growth: TC’s Investment Product Portfolio

Privileged Hotel Ownership (PHO)

Elevate your investment journey with Tayrona Capital’s premier business programme, PHO. Focused on mixed real estate, specifically ultra-luxury hotel properties, this distinctive co-ownership opportunity for villas and suites extends to the finest destinations worldwide. Enjoy the assurance of a robust guaranteed annual rental income ranging from 5 to 20%, supported by a high occupancy rate of up to 86%, with rates starting at a minimum of USD 1,000 per night in luxurious villas and suites. Benefit from financial security, complemented by added perks like free property tax and management fees. With the unparalleled advantage of experiencing limitless vacations across a global portfolio of properties, all achievable with a one-time investment, Tayrona Capital stands out by offering an exclusive co-ownership privilege across high-end hospitality projects.

PHO Prime A solid foundation for enduring financial security and lifelong investment returns.

Unique investment program, seamlessly merging high-tier hospitality with real estate sophistication, a concept reminiscent of freehold property. Clients are invited to join this exclusive venture by making a one-time investment equal to the market value of their chosen Villa or Suite while enjoying the unique advantage of limitless vacations across a global portfolio of 50 properties. Investors receive two vital payments in the initial rental phase, one as an immediate income stream and the other as rental insurance, guarding against unforeseen disruptions. Subsequently, clients benefit from the ease of advanced quarterly rental payments, ensuring they obtain the next three months’ rental in the fourth month, establishing a seamless payment cycle.


Beyond financial perks, the program offers relief from conventional tax obligations and the flexibility to sell or transfer investments without constraints. Clients also secure their investments through collateralisation, represented in tangible assets (villa/suite) within the prestigious global hospitality venture, Sagana Collection, granting clients exclusive access to indulgent stays and ensuring ownership for a lifetime. The PHO Prime program transcends traditional paradigms, offering an unparalleled fusion of financial benefits, investing security, and a lifestyle marked by opulent vacations.

PHO Lease Your Journey to Prosperity: Exceptional, Secured and Sublime Leasehold Investment.

An exclusive leasehold investment opportunity that introduces clients to a distinctive approach to investing, accompanied by collateral in luxurious villa/ suite properties. Investors gain comprehensive property rights for a fixed term of 3 or 5 years, with an initial investment threshold set at 20% of the market value of their chosen property. This program incorporates collateralisation, providing investors with added security throughout the investment period.


The program stands out by offering a rental insurance element designed to safeguard against unexpected disruptions to rental disbursements. The potential ROI ranges from 5% to 20%, depending on the specific project selection. Clients can expect reliable leasehold ownership and promising financial opportunities.


The investment program is further fortified by the Capital Protected Program, assuring the preservation of the initial investment, complemented by free tax and management fees, making it a compelling and secure investment choice. As an extra incentive, investors are afforded the exclusive privilege of indulging in holidays at the Sagana portfolio, providing a distinctive layer to their investment experience.

Citizenship By Investment Program (CBI)

CBI Conquer the World and Discover the Land of Lifestyle and Investment Rewards.

An exceptional programme that transcends conventional investment avenues, offering a unique financial and lifestyle opportunity. This remarkable initiative extends the privilege of legal citizenship and/or residence rights to assessed applicants in exchange for a fixed economic investment within the selected host nation.


Tailored to the specific requirements of each host nation, the programme, meticulously administered by Tayrona Capital, seamlessly combines tangible Real Estate - Hospitality assets with guaranteed quarterly rental income. Notably, up to 80% of financing options are available for selected locations, enhancing accessibility for prospective investors.


The Citizen by Investment (CBI) programme empowers investors by providing access to tangible mixed real estate assets, optimising their investment returns through legally efficient tax schemes whilst acquiring second citizenship. This transformative opportunity affords investors and their families unparalleled global mobility and the right to live, work, study, and access quality healthcare in their chosen destination, along with the Capital Protected Programme, rental insurance payment, and exclusive holidays; this initiative provides perpetual benefits. Investors can embark on a holistic investment and lifestyle journey without incurring additional costs, ensuring a unique experience by becoming a global citizen through real estate and hospitality investment.

Wealth Management (WM)

A holistic investment line meticulously curated to navigate the intricacies of the financial landscape. Our Investment Advisory service, guided by seasoned experts, strategically directs your capital towards optimal potential, minimising risks through informed decisions. In Weatlh Management, we leverage deep market analysis to trace capital markets, identify opportunities, and diversify your financial portfolio, setting clear goals to maximise potential while minimising risks. Our commitment to strategic financial planning focuses on long-term economic growth and establishing coherent goals and strategies for a lucrative future. Underpinning it all, our WM programme ensures the appreciation and protection of your wealth, offering tailored solutions to empower your financial future while maintaining and increasing your capital.

WM Expedition Discover the Hotel Yields in an Investment Opportunity that Blossoms in Spring, Shines in Summer, Transitions in Autumn, and Rebirths with Winter Purity.

Invest in a cycle of prosperity that embraces all seasons of the year, WM Expedition stands as a distinctive financial programme deeply rooted in the prevailing market rates of premier hotels, villas, and suites. Tailored for discerning investors who prioritise rental income while safeguarding their capital, this programme introduces a unique flexibility in investing terms, offering options spanning 1,3 or 5 years, each guaranteeing a total return of 100%. With a modest minimum investment, clients gain access to an exclusive realm of high-end vacations within the prestigious Sagana Collection.


What sets this programme apart is its collateralised model, ensuring dependable returns through tangible assets. Potential gains of up to 20% beckon investors, with quarterly rental income derived from official room rates, subject to the dynamics of the seasonal market. Beyond fortifying investors’ offshore investment empires, this programme strategically leverages tax benefits, adding a sophisticated layer to their financial strategies. WM Expedition is a meticulously crafted opportunity to enhance financial resilience and secure the decision-making bearing time analysis.

WM Signature Explore a Universe of High Yields with Our Hybrid Investments Accompanied by the Excellence of a Prestigious Hotel Chain.

A distinctive hybrid strategy merging the renowned PHO and Wealth Management advantages into one exclusive programme. With a one-time investment, investors unlock the full spectrum of co-ownership benefits within the PHO portfolio. Simultaneously, clients gain privileged access to a highly skilled wealth management team, offering tailored guidance and asset management to meet their specific needs and expectations.


What distinguishes this innovative programme is its unparalleled flexibility, providing a year investment term with a substantial potential return of up to 20%. Investments are managed meticulously through a secure trust account with CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce), ensuring the utmost financial privacy and security.


This programme extends the invaluable advantage of tax exceptions, aligning with a tax-efficient investment strategy for investors. With features such as the Capital Protection Programme, insurance rental income payment, and exclusive holidays at Sagana Collection, offering comprehensive benefits and securing financial prosperity and elevated lifestyle getaways.

WM Navigator Sail the Seas Guided by Our Wealth Compass.

WM Navigator presents an accessible gateway to the myriad benefits of Wealth Management. Designed as a purely financial programme, it expands the horizon, inviting a broader range of investors to engage with Wealth Management services and enhance their financial portfolio. With flexible investment terms of 1, 3, or 5 years, investors can initiate their financial journey with a manageable minimum investment.


WM Navigator further offers the option of up to 80% financing, making it accessible to individuals who may not have the minimum amount readily available. Clients can participate with a minimum entry-level investment and still enjoy the full spectrum of advantages, including total rental income benefits. This accessibility ensures that investment opportunities are extended to a broader and more diverse audience, empowering a large spectrum of investors to unlock the comprehensive benefits of wealth management.


The programme also boasts an annual ROI at the end of the investment period and the added advantages of free tax and management fees. WM Navigator is an inclusive and accessible avenue for diverse investors to embark on a journey towards wealth enhancement.

WM High Yield Programme Seize Short-Term Profit Opportunities.

A promising programme that offers a minimum term of 4 months, it caters to investors seeking shorter investment horizons. Clients can capitalise on lucrative advantages while ensuring capital protection with a one-time investment. The programme entails a 2% annual management fee and a 10% performance fee based on earnings. A compelling 20% annual ROI has been established for this enticing programme. providing investors with a favourable ROI. The custodial bank for this programme is CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce), facilitating secure financial transactions through a trust account.

WM Standard Programme Guarantee of Success, Competitive ROI, and Capital Protection.

A robust investment option with a minimum term of one year, this programme offers a secure avenue for investors. With a substantial one-time investment, clients gain access to our expert management and the assurance of capital protection through fund blockage. The programme boasts a competitive annual ROI of up to 20% with profits redeemable on a quarterly basis. As an additional benefit, investors enjoy privileged entry into our PHO (Privileged Hotel Ownership), including the exclusive collateral PHO Prime advantage, offering ownership rights in a hotel and a villa/suite of equal value to their investment.


Facilitating secure financial transactions, the custodial bank for this programme is CIBC ( Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce), operating through a trust account. The programme includes a rental insurance payment, free property taxes, and management fees, ensuring a comprehensive and advantageous investment experience for our discerning clients.

WM Trading Programme Where Every Investment is a Personalised Success Story.

Catering to investors seeking tailored returns and secure investments, our WM Trading programme presents an excellent opportunity. With a substantial one-time investment and a term of 12 months, clients can anticipate professional management and comprehensive capital protection. The programme strategically invests in 100% secured government bonds and Medium-term Notes ( MTNs), ensuring a secure and lucrative investment avenue. An additional benefit includes a rental insurance payment for added financial security.


Facilitating secure financial transactions, the custodial bank for this programme is Jefferies Bank UK or an alternative AAA bank in Europe, such as Citibank Luxembourg or National Westminster Bank UK. The programme also guarantees assured quarterly rental income, providing investors with a steady income stream. Additionally, clients enjoy full ownership of a PHO (Privilege Hotel Ownership) villa/suite and all the exclusive benefits of the PHO Prime programme, further enhancing their investment experience. As a comprehensive offering, this programme includes free property taxes and management fees, ensuring a hassle-free and advantageous investment journey.

WM Portfolio Programme Build Your Financial Empire with the Majesty of Sagana Collection.

The Portfolio Programme is designed for investors seeking diversification and the chance to participate in hotel profits; our WM Portfolio programme presents an enticing prospect. With a one-time investment and a term of one year, clients can leverage our professional management services. The programme offers a compelling annual ROI of 20%. Furthermore, investors can enjoy up to 20% shares in the Sagana Collection, providing exposure to a diverse portfolio of hotels and the accompanying profits.


To ensure secure financial transactions, the custodian bank for this programme is CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce), operating through a trust account. This programme aligns with the strategic goals of investors looking to diversify their portfolios and actively participate in the hospitality sector, offering a unique avenue for financial growth and exposure to a dynamic range of hotel assets.

WM Capital Enhancement Programme USD 20M

The Capital Enhancement Programme, with an investment of USD 20 million, is a strategic initiative spanning 14 months. This programme focuses on optimising the use of funds by considering monthly and annual rental variables, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.


As part of the programme, there is a provision for additional rental charges at the end of the year, allowing for potential growth and maximising returns. Thanks to its large scope of investment, investors can benefit from income tax benefits, covering any additional government charges. To ensure the safety and security of the capital, the programme utilises a CIBC Trust Account, provided through the Capital Protection Programme.


Additionally, a management fee of 2% is applied to oversee and administer the programme effectively. This fee covers the professional management services and expertise dedicated to optimising the capital enhancement process, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

WM Capital Enhancement Programme USD 50M

The Capital Enhancement Programme, characterised by a substantial investment of USD 50 million, is a comprehensive initiative designed to enhance and optimise various aspects over a period of 15 months. This programme considers the variability of monthly and annual rent, allowing for flexibility and adaptability in utilising the funds.


As part of the programme, there is a provision for additional rental charges at the end of the year, enabling the programme to capture potential growth opportunities and maximise returns on investment. Thanks to its large scope of investment, investors can benefit from income tax benefits, covering any additional governmental charges. To ensure the security and protection of the capital, the programme utilises a CIBC Trust Account, offering a Capital Protection Programme that safeguards the funds.


In order to oversee and manage the programme effectively, a management fee of 2% is applied. This fee covers the cost of professional management services dedicated to optimising the capital enhancement process, ensuring the best possible outcomes and returns on the USD 50 million investment.

Privilege Luxury Club (PLC)


Positioned as an epitome of refined living, PLC stands as a premier lifestyle investment and membership club, providing discerning individuals exclusive access to a realm of unparalleled experiences. This distinguished programme orchestrates top-tier events, bespoke travel packages, VIP privileges in entertainment, and lavish retreats in the world’s most coveted destinations. Elevating the experience further, a dedicated personal lifestyle manager, available 24/7, meticulously plans every detail of a member’s journey, allowing ample time to relish the investment of a lifetime.


As a member of PLC and an esteemed investor in Privilege Hotel Ownership (PHO), clients embrace a unique opportunity to explore and invest in the most prestigious hotel portfolio within the ultra-luxury hospitality industry. This exceptional club caters to visionaries, offering distinct collections and meticulously curated packages that unveil the finest destinations and exhilarating adventures. Members are further distinguished by their possession of Diamond, Platinum, or Silver club cards - prestigious entries within this exclusive community.


Experiences once reserved for the elite, such as attending the renowned Cannes Film Festival or embarking on the most intimate touring visits, become accessible to PLC members. Privilege Luxury Club transcends the boundaries of travel planning, unveiling new horizons for extraordinary journeys. In this era of modern jet setters, this programme not only fulfils dreams but elevates unique desires to the zenith of satisfaction, ushering members into a world of opulence, personalised service, and unparalleled luxury experiences.