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Architects of Prosperity

Step into a world where wealth is not just a figure but a living legacy, a testament to your remarkable achievements. At Tayrona Capital, we transcend the boundaries of traditional finance, uplifting your vision and crafting legacies that resonate through generations. Our specialisation lies in meticulously constructing sustainable financial landscapes, promising substantial returns, prioritising capital protection, and integrating cutting-edge technology. As your entrusted global partner, our commitment is to guide you towards a prosperous future, solidify a legacy that authentically embodies the essence of your vision, and honour your family’s heritage.


Every investment with Tayrona Capital is a purposeful act of construction guided by our philosophy as Architects of Prosperity. Much like architects sculpt landscapes, we intricately design your financial future, transforming each decision into a sturdy foundation for constructing a legacy that withstands the test of time. We are steadfastly dedicated to shaping a tomorrow where our client’s financial aspirations prosper by seemingly blending the richness of the past, the dynamism of the present, and the foresight for a continuously unfolding future.


Your journey with Tayrona Capital is not just an investment but the artful construction of an enduring legacy.


Welcome, Esteemed Investor!

The company has secured

Global Regulatory Accreditations

At Tayrona Capital, we hold licences in key financial hubs across Asia and Europe, including Singapore, Dubai, Luxembourg, and the UK.


Our global presence ensures that we bring top-tier financial services to your doorstep.

Expert Fund Management

As licensed fund managers, we specialise in optimising investment portfolios, delivering robust returns for our clients.


We excel in capital raising for individuals, businesses, and governments.


Guiding your Path to Financial Success

Our expertise extends across pivotal sectors, including financial services, mixed real estate, tourism, and ultra-luxury hospitality. With a proven track record of successful execution, we have solidified our position as a trusted partner for investors seeking lucrative opportunities in these domains.


Leveraging profound knowledge and extensive experience and with meticulous precision, we craft tailored financial services designed to propel financial growth, maximise returns for our clients and secure enduring success.

Real State Home

mixed real estate

real estate

hospitality Projects

Make your investment, an investment for life


Privilege Hotel Ownership (PHO)

Citizenship Global Mobility



global mobility

Become a world citizen and expand your horizons

Citizenship by Investment program (CBI)

Lifescapes Experiences




Crafting Remarkable Lifestyles

Privilege Luxury Club (PLC)

Wealth Management




Safeguard your wealth, secure your future

Wealth Management (WM)

Your Path to Success

Our Legacy

With over 24 years of financial excellence, Tayrona Capital stands as a trusted private financial institution. Regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, we adhere to the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and compliance, providing you with a solid foundation for your financial journey.

Reaching Financial Success

As Licensed Fund Manager, we excel in expertly managing investment portfolios and making informed decisions rooted in a deep understanding of global markets. Beyond conventional services, Tayrona Capital extends its expertise as an Investment Bank, facilitating capital raising for individuals, businesses, and governments.

Close-up Of Person's engineer Hand Drawing Plan On Blue Print with architect equipment

Crafting Global Prosperity

Tayrona Capital proudly serves as a Sovereign Fund Manager for 26 countries, working under the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) mandate. Our focus on sustainable socio-economic development is evident in our commitment to impactful tourism projects, generating employment, and ensuring long-term sustainability.

We refrain from speculative investments and prioritise projects aligned with our key initiatives.


Driven by a spirit of continual growth, our financial institution expands beyond the borders to explore new horizons for our projects and investors. With administrative offices strategically located in Monaco, Canada, London, Luxembourg, and Dubai, our global reach spans prominent regions, reflecting our commitment to international collaboration and positioning us at the forefront of emerging opportunities.


Our expertise spans across financial services, mixed Real Estate, and hospitality. With a proven track record of successful execution, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for investors seeking lucrative opportunities in these domains.

We leverage our vast knowledge and experience to deliver tailored financial services that drive growth and maximize returns for our clients.

Market outlook 2023

Our Distinct Advantages

10 Reasons why you should invest in TCFG

Your Most Reliable Alternative

Unique investment programs merging Real Estate with high-level Hospitality.


Specialised asset management advisory tailored to each client’s needs and expectations.


Guaranteed monthly or advance quarterly rental income, set at 100% of the property’s value.


Tayrona Capital allows its investors to finance up to 80% of the investment across multiple programs.


Rates of capital repayment are lower than those currently available in the real estate market.


A one-time minimum investment of 20%* over 100% of the villa/suite market value**. * Down Payment. ** Exclusively applicable when opting for financing.


Opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio internationally.


Tayrona Capital exclusively offers a co-ownership privilege across high-end hospitality properties that serve as collateral of a guaranteed profit model, ensuring steady rental income, underpinned by a minimum occupancy rate of 86% in these properties (with rates starting at a minimum of USD 1,000 per night).


Unlike traditional financial entities, Tayrona Capita’s investments do NOT assume additional banking, financial, or tax services costs.


Tayrona Capital offers high-level security, providing clients coverage against risks related to their investment projects during force majeure situations.
Luxurious stays at Sagana Collection Hotels.



Tayrona Lost Cities

Investing in oneself is a crucial aspect of personal growth. One of the most enriching and life-changing experiences one can

Sagana Bali Ubud by Tayrona

Navigating Market Uncertainties, Tayrona Capital’s Secure Investments Illuminate the Path to Prosperity.

Rudis Sylva and Tayrona Capital

A luxury watch on one’s wrist is undoubtedly a subtle yet elegant symbol of exclusivity, prestige, and good standing.
Toronto, CA
1:27 am, Jul 15, 2024

12B Brookers Lane
Toronto, ON M8V 0A4
Phone: +1 647 641 0351

London, GB
6:27 am, Jul 15, 2024

One Canada Square
Canary Wharf,
London England E14 5AA
Phone: +44 020 3036 0468

Monaco, MC
7:27 am, Jul 15, 2024

17, Résidence
l’Annonciade 98000
Fax: +377 93 25 18 73
Mobile: +336 43 91 84 26
Phone: +377 93 50 66 84

Luxembourg, LU
7:27 am, Jul 15, 2024

4, rue du Fort Wallis
L-2714 Luxembourg

Dubai, AE
9:27 am, Jul 15, 2024

Unit 1302
Level 13
Emirates Financial Towers
Dubai International Financial Centre