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Tayrona Lost Cities

Investing in oneself is a crucial aspect of personal growth. One of the most enriching and life-changing experiences one can have is exploring new places and times long gone through travel. By venturing beyond the familiar and taking the road less travelled, individuals can discover different aspects of themselves and cultivate a richer array of experiences. The Lost City, a set of exclusive Tayrona ruins, is one such place that fulfils this description to the fullest. The ruins date back to the early ninth century and can only be accessed on foot, making it a magical and special place to visit. The architecture, stone paintings, and engravings offer a glimpse into a bygone era, and visitors can witness the Tayronas’ heritage, which is considered a counterpart to Machu Picchu for the Incas. Tayrona Capital can serve as an excellent companion and guide for individuals seeking to explore this wonder and beyond. By taking this wondrous journey, individuals can discover not only a place known to very few but also themselves.

Situated on the shores of the Caribbean Sea in Colombia is Santa Marta, known as “La Perla de America” (The America Pearl), where its splendour and grandeur live up to its name. Explore the deep green of its jungle, the magnetic blue of its seas, the intense yellow of the sun and the sand and the contrast of the beaches with the white snow of the Sierra Nevada, the highest coastal mountain in the world. The Tayrona culture, which holds significant value in Colombia’s cultural heritage, originated in this specific region. This region has been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage site and declared a Reserve of the Biosphere of Humanity since 1979. Additionally, it is home to a unique destination, the Tayrona Lost City, which attracts visitors from all over the world.

Tayrona Capital is a financial group with an extensive background of over 40 years in the world market, specialising in hospitality, real estate, travel, entertainment and economic ventures, products, services and projects. Tayrona Capital has devised a strategic investment plan aimed at promoting Colombia’s economy through tourism, thereby generating extensive employment opportunities and social welfare. The proposed tourism destinations comprise luxurious ecological hotels, which encourage responsible and sustainable tourism while preserving the environment. The project aims to offer unique lifestyle experiences and services of the highest quality possible while also unifying the ancestral culture and spreading its customs and values. Luxury travellers appreciate the authenticity and distinctiveness of the Tayrona people and location, which motivates them to explore the local culture, food, arts, and traditions. Through this project, Tayrona Capital seeks to maximize value by enhancing the local economy while also offering unparalleled experiences to tourists.

Among the multiple ethnic groups that inhabit the Lost City, you will find the Kogui, Wiwa, Kankuamos, and Arhuacos. These communities hold the belief that Santa Marta’s massif is the epicentre of the universe, and as such, they share a mutual interest in showcasing their unique cultural traditions to the rest of the world. The ethnic groups and Tayrona Capital endeavour to display the beauty of their cultural heritage to a global audience.
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Colombia is looking to formalise and implement sustainable tourism in its natural parks, with a view to complying fully with international sustainability standards. The Lost City, located in the Tayrona region, holds significant potential, but its difficult access is what adds to its charm and appeal. Unlike Machu Picchu, there are no trains or buses that allow visitors to reach its ruins. The only way to witness its beauty is through a challenging hike that takes several days.

Tayrona Capital is planning to introduce an innovative mode of transportation in the form of ecological cable cars. The proposed cable cars will offer a convenient and time-efficient means of reaching destinations while also providing tourists with breathtaking panoramic views of the area. Additionally, the cable cars will be accompanied by proficient guides who will ensure that tourists have a safe and enriching experience. In addition to enhancing the tourist experience, the ecological cable cars will also facilitate the monitoring and control of the number of visitors to the city. This approach will help in preserving the natural habitats and archaeological sites in the area while minimising the human footprint.

This establishment has been meticulously designed to create lasting, exceptional memories in a one-of-a-kind locale. The infinity pool offers a picturesque view of the river, while the state-of-the-art spa provides a rejuvenating mind and body experience. Additionally, guests can enjoy a refreshing cocktail at the open-air bar. The resort is surrounded by terraced rice fields and the Campuhan River, affording ample opportunities to take in the area’s natural beauty in a serene and calming environment.

The Lost City welcomes visitors from the outset of their journey, providing an unforgettable and distinctive experience. The site’s natural environment, shaped over centuries, creates an endless symphony of sounds that is unmatched by any other. Its unique and captivating landscape ensures that visitors are enveloped by a sense of awe, making every moment of their visit an exceptional and memorable experience.

The journey towards the Lost City is widely regarded as one of the most challenging and extraordinary hikes in the world. This epic adventure takes place amidst the lush rainforest of the Tayrona region and is accompanied by a wide variety of species.

The Lost City presents a unique opportunity to experience and appreciate an unexplored and enchanting location. The rewards of feeling, touching, smelling, and enjoying this magnificent place are unparalleled. Its natural beauty and magical aura are exceptional wonders deserving of exploration.

It is a destination that offers an ideal opportunity for individuals to break away from their daily routines and indulge in activities that can enrich their personal growth. The region of Tayrona, enveloped in its vast vegetation, is known for its magical realism, and the echoes of the region’s fauna add to the overall charm of the place. Tourists can expect to experience an environment of peace and energy, which can leave a lasting impression on their minds.

Dating back to 800 AD, the Lost City site in Colombia is an ancestral ruin shrouded in mystery and accessible only by foot. It predates Machu Picchu by approximately 650 years and boasts an air of exclusivity due to its relatively low number of visitors. The terraces and stone engravings depicting paintings are particularly noteworthy and offer a unique and intriguing experience to explorers. The journey to the Lost City is considered one of the world’s most challenging hikes, taking place amidst the remarkable rainforest of the Tayrona region, which is home to a diverse range of species. Get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, and let Tayrona Capital guide you on every step of the journey.

The Kogi people are an indigenous ethnic group who are said to be the descendants of the Tayrona culture. They were known for their advanced civilisation, which included the construction of many stone structures and pathways in the jungle. The Kogi have maintained their unique culture and traditions since the pre-Columbian era.

Publication Date: October 2018.

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