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Banner interno Rudis sylva and Tayrona capital

Rudis Sylva and Tayrona Capital

Crafting your time to invest.

Your most exclusive asset.

A luxury watch on one’s wrist is undoubtedly a subtle yet elegant symbol of exclusivity, prestige, and good standing. In line with our continuous effort to provide exceptional lifestyle experiences, Tayrona Capital Financial Group is honoured to share the news of a new partnership with the renowned brand Rudis Sylva. This collaboration will give Tayrona Capital’s investors an outstanding new benefit when investing in our portfolio.

Rudis Sylva, a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, has developed the innovative “Harmonious Oscillator” watch movement. This revolutionary technology enables Rudis Sylva watches to exhibit higher accuracy than conventional watches while offering personalised designs and exquisite technical details that render each watch truly unique. As a result, Rudis Sylva has established itself as a leading brand in the luxury watch industry, renowned for its cutting-edge technology and exceptional craftsmanship.

Investors who choose to acquire a property from Tayrona Capital’s portfolio, with a minimum investment of USD 1,000,000, will be entitled to receive an exclusive Rudis Sylva watch as a token of appreciation. The watch can be personalised per the client’s preference and possess unique design characteristics specified by the client. This exclusive timepiece is a testament to Tayrona Capital’s high regard for its investors and the company’s commitment to delivering unparalleled value. The watches are estimated to be between USD $250,000 and USD $400,000.

Undeniably, this partnership provides Tayrona Capital’s investors with an exceptional opportunity, having acquired a property in the most desirable global destinations, accompanied by a unique timepiece crafted by skilled professionals in the watchmaking industry. This offering surpasses all expectations, promising investors an exclusive and unparalleled experience.

Tayrona Capital remains committed to seeking opportunities for strategic partnerships and alliances that contribute towards the redefinition of luxury and exclusivity. We invite you to check out Tayrona Capital’s portfolio and get ready to increase your capital, relish in exceptional returns on investment, and bask in the beauty of breathtaking landscapes, all while enjoying Tayrona Capital’s new offer – exclusive watches with designs that are nothing short of perfect in their setting.

Publication Date: April 2020

Banner interno Rudis sylva and Tayrona capital



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