Corporate Culture
Tayrona Capital continually builds an identity that is consciously integrating green and sustainable development, promoting employment and enhancing social welfare, while leading to economic prosperity by boosting the tourism industry.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Freedom leads to wealthiness!

Our Values

Corporate Strategy

Tayrona Capital in Property Investment transformation

Tayrona Capital is committed to its hybrid Real Estate- Hospitality business formula, located in outlandish and profitable tourist destinations. Project profitability is generated from the appreciation of Real Estate value (Villas and Suites), rental income, and the generation of additional income from the amenities of a luxury hotel. 

Every project is carefully selected to provide maximum investor return, wellness to our guests and stakeholders, as well as to embrace the cultural heritage of each country. This has enabled our Sagana Hotel brand to settle in the market as the first human-oriented brand redefining the meaning of hospitality and service.

Beyond our core, Tayrona Capital is also the administrator of Sovereign Wealth Funds, representing capital investments of more than 25 countries, and the support of the World Bank’s International Bank of Reconstruction and Development, with the mandate to create socio-economic benefits through the creation of tourism, and massive employment around the world.

Tayrona Capital (TC) history

A holistic business vision from its foundations

Tayrona Capital (TC)  was founded with a collection of boutique hotels in South America.

During the production of the film “Burn!” (1969). Marlon Brando, Academy Award Winning Hollywood actor and one of the most iconic legends in the film industry was a guest of the first boutique hotel owned by the family founders of Tayrona Capital. 

His guest experience in our hotel allowed our approach to the Hollywood industry, which eventually changed our first business concept and scope, widening and taking our Hospitality experiences to another affluent market level.

Tayrona Capital’s founder Jaime Ordonez Sr. developed a seamless and cutting-edge investment strategy that consisted of a coalition between the Cinematographic and Hospitality industries.

Rather than the movie industry covering expenses for sustenance, hotel accommodations, logistics, transportation, and other hospitality services for its large production teams (which can translate into millions of dollars), Tayrona Capital agrees to be in charge of all those outlays and provides services through its hotels' facilities and amenities in exchange for a share of future revenues and royalties of each movie. 

To date, Tayrona Capital has invested in over 500 films worldwide, whilst expanding its own property and business networks.

Tayrona Capital acknowledged as a Country Partner

As a result of the significant movie productions, Tayrona Capital has signed strategic alliances with over 20 countries throughout the world, gaining recognition as the perfect Strategic Partner  to governments and becoming a Sovereign Funds Manager.

Tayrona Capital (TC) is consolidated as a fully regulated financial institution within the main group of companies of Tayrona Capital Group Corporation (TCGC)

Tayrona Capital's role centers on the management of a Sovereign Wealth Funds’ Trust under TCGC supervision and the selection of Real Estate projects that meet the following three initiatives: the implementation of sustainability, an increase of employment, and the promotion and creation of tourism destinations.

21st Century
Tayrona Capital offers a new diversification in terms of property investment and management by combining Private Real Estate with Luxury Hospitality projects within the world-class hotels' destinations under the management of the Sagana brand. Ever since, Tayrona Capital’s presence covers more than 130 projects, over 80 in construction and more than 40 in operation.
“Let’s write the future together, great things are yet to come.” 
James Ordonez
President of Tayrona Capital