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Through the lens of vulnerable communities, “Invisibles“.

A documentary by Miguel Sierralta provides a profound insight into life.

Distinguished personalities of Spanish society, including Madrid’s Vice Mayor Begona Villacís, Javier Castillo, and Paul Montiel, among others, graced the premiere of “Invisibles,” a film directed by Daniel Landa, aimed at raising awareness about the issue of homelessness in society at large, which not only affects Europe but also Latin America.

The subject at hand is an intriguing one – how different societies tackle life’s challenges and how the human spirit can triumph in the face of a dystopian reality. This topic warrants reflection, as it speaks to the resilience and fortitude of humanity when faced with adversity.

Tayrona Capital is globally committed to promoting mindful art that creates a powerful and meaningful impact on society.

Let’s inspire hope by giving a voice to those who have lost everything.

Publication Date: October 2022

Banner interno Invisibles



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