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Tayrona’s Safe Haven Investment Perks, Overcoming Market Turbulence

Navigating Market Uncertainties, Tayrona Capital’s Secure Investments Illuminate the Path to Prosperity.

In an era of unprecedented uncertainties, the quest for stability in investment alternatives has never been more paramount. Enter Tayrona Capital, a trailblazing global investment conglomerate with a storied legacy of over 24 years in the hospitality industry. Amidst the current market turbulence induced by the impact of the Coronavirus, Tayrona Capital introduces an array of exclusive offers and benefits tailored to safeguard its clients’ capital through secure investments.

Safe investments, designed to shield investors from market downturns, have become increasingly sought after traditional markets experience fluctuations overblown by the ongoing global crisis.
Tayrona Capital remains steadfast in providing its partners and investors with sturdy options. The market has witnessed a significant downturn, with stock market indexes plummeting by as much as 40% since February, fueling an unsettling volatility as traders panic-sell out of fear.

Tayrona Capital’s commitment to stability is exemplified through its Privilege Hotel Ownership (PHO) program, an extraordinary avenue for investors seeking capital protection and high yields in ultra-luxury assets worldwide. Recognising the challenges of the current economic climate, Tayrona Capital unveils an unprecedented perk for PHO participants, offering a secure payment and advanced quarterly rental income, ensuring a steady flow of capital.

Backed by a regulated financial institution adhering to industry-leading negotiation and tax regulations, Tayrona Capital´s PHO program promises annual guaranteed returns ranging from 5% to 20% of the invested capital, contingent on the location and construction status of the acquired ultra-luxury asset.

As an additional testament to Tayrona Capital’s support, clients opting for the PHO program bestow a collateralisation of their investments, which is the project selected by the client, and also receive their guaranteed rental income immediately upon investment, a remarkable deviation from the typical payout schedule. For instance, a USD 1,000,000 investment with a minimum guaranteed rental income of up to 20% results in an immediate return of USD 20,000 (this sum is an approximation for tangible investment assets within the Tayrona Capital investment portfolio and may vary according to the program chosen by the investor).

Tayrona Capital goes above and beyond to accommodate its investors, providing flexible investment options. Clients can opt to invest 20% with a financing option depending on the selected program or 100% of the total value of their appointed villa/suite, accessing additional benefits. Investors who access financing are charged a manageable percentage of their rental income to cover the property´s total value, representing an innovative approach to maximising returns.

To address potential cash flow concerns, Tayrona Capital offers various alternatives, including negotiating investments through mixed real estate and ultra-luxury hospitality assets based on Freehold and Leasehold models. This cutting-edge design allows the company to provide a guaranteed rental income while extending tax benefits to its clients, as all the properties in the PHO portfolio are free from property tax and maintenance fees.

Tayrona Capital’s seasoned market expertise, passion for exceeding investor expectations, and steadfast commitment to realising the value of investments position it as a trusted partner in pursuing financial success. At Tayrona Capital, anticipating the eventual overcoming of the current challenges, the financial institution remains dedicated to creating sustainable socio-economic development, job creation, and economic growth across the countries where it operates while concurrently delivering high and safe returns on investment and crafting unique life experiences for its investors.

Publication Date: April, 2020

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