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Sumba, A Hidden Jewel Revealed to the World

The mystic island of Indonesia opens its borders to the world, inviting exploration into its cultural and natural wonders.

Embark on an exhilarating voyage to the enchanting island of Sumba, where Tayrona Capital’s groundbreaking USD 2 billion joint venture with the Government of Indonesia is set to weave the fabric of luxury hotels and transformative projects. This venture unlocks the gates to a hidden treasure, Sumba Island, a captivating gem awaiting your discovery.

A fifty-five-minute charter flight from Bali transports you to the heart of Sumba, a realm pulsating with the spirit of millenary traditions, alive with nature’s bounty, vibrant wildlife, and cultural wonders. We find Sumba, a modest island that propels life through the dancing of thoroughbred horses ploughing through the immaculate beaches.

The Preservation of Sumba's Untamed Spirit

Sumba beckons with an authentic sense of adventure amidst luxurious resorts, a sanctuary from the daily grind. In the surroundings, we find 600 thousands inhabitants dwelling in authentic, scattered villages against a backdrop of breathtaking views and an agricultural economy still ruled by ancient laws where tribal kings bestow permission to toil the land. The virgin jungle, its ancestral towns, and its serene beaches, along with roaming stallions, make Sumba an untapped paradise.

The pristine beaches that stretch over several kilometres set Sumba apart from thousands of surrounding volcanic islands. The paddy fields frame the azure ocean. Bamboo towers, alang-alang, and the rising black shale from turquoise waters compose a captivating canvas that defines Sumba’s utopian allure.

Surfing is another major attraction of Indonesia and the main draw of Nihiwatu, whose authentic experience brings that mythological past to the modern world. And what a world it is!

A living Remanence of a Lifetime Brimming with Tradition

A cultural immersion from the socially segmented east to the ethnically diverse west, and witness the mosaic of exotic, unblemished, and gripping Sumbanese traditions.

During the rice-growing season, the most celebrated festival in the region takes place once again, uniting and promoting sustainability and beauty.

Sumba is irresistible! Trek idyllic routes, gallop majestic creatures along the beaches and rejuvenate bathing in colossal cascades. Connecting to the heartbeat of Sumba is to be united with its people and their customs; allow yourself to be discovered by their ancient and sacred rituals. Unleash the possibility of experiencing the land of freedom and purity by the hand of Tayrona Capital.

Publication Date: April, 2020

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