Intermedia in partnership with Tayrona Capital is the winner of the Green Vision Award, 2022, as “the Best Real Estate Implementation Company” thanks to our entrepreneurial projects, such as the Azian Oceanic Development, which combines innovation, green finance, and social responsibility; driving economic sustainability for the future.

Intermedia is a prime Real Estate Agency from Monte-Carlo that since 1960 runs and heights its edification and property services craft along the Monégasque territory financing, developing, and renting the finest projects in the sector.  With a focus on growing Monaco’s foreign and local investment through a worldwide network of buyers and partners, Intermedia facilitates the process of real estate purchase for investors seeking high and sustainable returns. Over the years, they have become one of the most promising agencies in the Principality, which is championing the Monaco nation’s economic growth through its smart-urban extension vision. 

Intermedia’s steadfast commitment and effort led the company to win the acclaimed decoration” 98000 Green Vision Awards” in the category of ‘the Best Real Estate Implementation Company’ and was received by Claudio Genovese, CEO, and co-director of the agency and Tayrona Holdings Group. Acknowledging the prize to its commercial partner and developer Tayrona Capital, a multinational investment conglomerate specialized in Real Estate and Luxury Hospitality, founded and led by its president, James Ordonez. Claudio pointed out that both companies share their business ethic into the eco-conscious and sustainable development quality label, driving green finance through cutting-edge proposals that revolve around an environmental vision to use green equipment, composite materials, homegrown products, and local goods, reducing their carbon footprint, and making their property businesses eco-friendly whilst ensuring efficiency and productivity in their management and operation.

‘...First I would like to thank all the jury committee for the recognition assigned to our reality and to the organizers of the award for having made me a participant in a very interesting initiative, which has put the issues of the environment and social responsibility in the foreground in a concrete and non-ideological way, with those of socio-economic progress and which therefore represents a further starting point to focus even more on these essential paradigms for the whole of humanity.’

During the award ceremony, Intermedia, in association with Tayrona Capital, introduced their forthcoming projects that place an increasing focus on the growing concern of managing Real Estate developments’ impact on environmental and social orbs. The current Oceanic Floating Resort project is a prime example of this, managed and operated under the luxury brand Sagana & Azian Hotels. A project that after 10 years of research, planning, and agreement contracts is finally awaiting government and municipalities’ approvals, the final step to be concluded in Malaysia, forecasting its operations in the beginning of 2024.

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This project strengthens the partnership between luxury developers Intermedia and Tayrona Capital, and their combined presence in the Monaco, Italy, and Benelux markets, which explains Genovese, ‘aims to establish new standards of quality, performance, and sustainability in a new market for Tayrona Capital and Europe, of which Italy is at the center of our attention, where we try to enhance what really matters to us: our people, our customers, and Mother Earth.

The CEO of Intermedia and Tayrona Holdings also reinforced the importance of ‘Green Building’ as a requirement of every country’s modus operandi, and how it must be the commitment of companies in the real estate sector to offer high levels of sustainability in urban innovation and renovation.