Catering to investors seeking tailored returns and secure investments, our WM Trading programme presents an excellent opportunity. With a substantial one-time investment and a term of 12 months, clients can anticipate professional management and comprehensive capital protection. The programme strategically invests in 100% secured government bonds and Medium-term Notes ( MTNs), ensuring a secure and lucrative investment avenue. An additional benefit includes a rental insurance payment for added financial security.


Facilitating secure financial transactions, the custodial bank for this programme is Jefferies Bank UK or an alternative AAA bank in Europe, such as Citibank Luxembourg or National Westminster Bank UK. The programme also guarantees assured quarterly rental income, providing investors with a steady income stream. Additionally, clients enjoy full ownership of a PHO (Privilege Hotel Ownership) villa/suite and all the exclusive benefits of the PHO Prime programme, further enhancing their investment experience. As a comprehensive offering, this programme includes free property taxes and management fees, ensuring a hassle-free and advantageous investment journey.