Positioned as an epitome of refined living, PLC stands as a premier lifestyle investment and membership club, providing discerning individuals exclusive access to a realm of unparalleled experiences. This distinguished programme orchestrates top-tier events, bespoke travel packages, VIP privileges in entertainment, and lavish retreats in the world’s most coveted destinations. Elevating the experience further, a dedicated personal lifestyle manager, available 24/7, meticulously plans every detail of a member’s journey, allowing ample time to relish the investment of a lifetime.


As a member of PLC and an esteemed investor in Privilege Hotel Ownership (PHO), clients embrace a unique opportunity to explore and invest in the most prestigious hotel portfolio within the ultra-luxury hospitality industry. This exceptional club caters to visionaries, offering distinct collections and meticulously curated packages that unveil the finest destinations and exhilarating adventures. Members are further distinguished by their possession of Diamond, Platinum, or Silver club cards – prestigious entries within this exclusive community.


Experiences once reserved for the elite, such as attending the renowned Cannes Film Festival or embarking on the most intimate touring visits, become accessible to PLC members. Privilege Luxury Club transcends the boundaries of travel planning, unveiling new horizons for extraordinary journeys. In this era of modern jet setters, this programme not only fulfils dreams but elevates unique desires to the zenith of satisfaction, ushering members into a world of opulence, personalised service, and unparalleled luxury experiences.