Unique investment program, seamlessly merging high-tier hospitality with real estate sophistication, a concept reminiscent of freehold property. Clients are invited to join this exclusive venture by making a one-time investment equal to the market value of their chosen Villa or Suite while enjoying the unique advantage of limitless vacations across a global portfolio of 50 properties. Investors receive two vital payments in the initial rental phase, one as an immediate income stream and the other as rental insurance, guarding against unforeseen disruptions. Subsequently, clients benefit from the ease of advanced quarterly rental payments, ensuring they obtain the next three months’ rental in the fourth month, establishing a seamless payment cycle.


Beyond financial perks, the program offers relief from conventional tax obligations and the flexibility to sell or transfer investments without constraints. Clients also secure their investments through collateralisation, represented in tangible assets (villa/suite) within the prestigious global hospitality venture, Sagana Collection, granting clients exclusive access to indulgent stays and ensuring ownership for a lifetime. The PHO Prime program transcends traditional paradigms, offering an unparalleled fusion of financial benefits, investing security, and a lifestyle marked by opulent vacations.