An exceptional programme that transcends conventional investment avenues, offering a unique financial and lifestyle opportunity. This remarkable initiative extends the privilege of legal citizenship and/or residence rights to assessed applicants in exchange for a fixed economic investment within the selected host nation.


Tailored to the specific requirements of each host nation, the programme, meticulously administered by Tayrona Capital, seamlessly combines tangible Real Estate – Hospitality assets with guaranteed quarterly rental income. Notably, up to 80% of financing options are available for selected locations, enhancing accessibility for prospective investors.


The Citizen by Investment (CBI) programme empowers investors by providing access to tangible mixed real estate assets, optimising their investment returns through legally efficient tax schemes whilst acquiring second citizenship. This transformative opportunity affords investors and their families unparalleled global mobility and the right to live, work, study, and access quality healthcare in their chosen destination, along with the Capital Protected Programme, rental insurance payment, and exclusive holidays; this initiative provides perpetual benefits. Investors can embark on a holistic investment and lifestyle journey without incurring additional costs, ensuring a unique experience by becoming a global citizen through real estate and hospitality investment.