A world-class brand of the luxury collection of Hotels and Resorts, sited in the most acclaimed destinations, managing all the properties of Tayrona Capital and operating the Real-Estate-Hospitality investment program Privilege Hotel Ownership (PHO) and the service of Travel Concierge through the program Privilege Luxury Club (PLC).

The beginning of Sagana

A milestone of blending cultures was inherited from the rich Tagalog language, derived from “taga-ilog” which means Settlers of the River. With ancestor Filipino and Spanish Catholic traditions interspersed with influences from other parts of Asia and America, leading to an interwoven Filipino culture.


This continental evolution is aligned with the human-centered, economic growth, and cross-cultural interchange vision of Tayrona Capital, adapting Sagana’s name, which evokes abundant and luxurious encompasses. Glocal thinking refers to a mix of cultures, traditions, experiences, and sensibilities that seek to share everything, shorten distances, and create unique and unforgettable experiences. We aim to become our ideal, the basis of our principles of comfort, experience, quality service, authenticity, integrity, sumptuousness, aesthetics, and safety, which guide our work with our collaborators, representatives, and especially with every single visitor who puts their trust in us. 


Sagana also represents an influential turning point in history in relation to Queen Elizabeth II, dating back to 1952 when she was a guest of the fishing lodge Sagana in Kenya. The majesty of the place combined with wildlife and lush vegetation made her feel like she and Prince Philip were in a natural paradise, where suddenly she was crowned queen of England. The spiritual bond that emerged from this place makes the name sagana a synonym of permanence in time and also in memories.


Our essence is a true reflection of our roots in the endless loveliness of Southeast Asia, a land that became our first home, gave us the gift of the best hospitality known to the entire world, and embraced our team of seasoned professionals over the last 30 years, delivering outstanding service and ensuring excellent guest experiences.


Creating value for our select audience is the mission of Sagana Hotels and Resorts, which aims to discover the needs and desires of our audience and turn these into actions, making the invisible visible, and creating a holistic way of thinking about the world we live in while safeguarding local cultures. It is likely that what you find fascinating today will no longer be so tomorrow. Hence, Sagana continually innovates and strives to maintain a feeling of satisfaction over time, which has earned us the title “Hosts of the World”.


We at Sagana Hotels and Resorts create unforgettable memories by bringing people together through our world-class hospitality experience.

Sagana Key Takeaways


Environment & Hereditary Culture

  • Resorts are built using materials that protect the environment surrounding them.
  • Destinations are created by evocating the environment of the location in which they are located.
  • To maintain a sense of respect for regional values and customs, Sagana adheres to the strictest policies.
  • The resorts offer exciting events, and resort staff members contribute their time and artistic talents to festivals and ceremonies with vibrant performances.

Well-being & Health

  • Harmony of mind, body, and spirit is the foundation of Sagana. With modern first-class wellness center services and high standards of dedicated service, each of the destinations offers a sacred place specializing in total renewal. With each massage, wellness therapy, or treatment, you will experience a feeling of enjoyment and relaxation, reconnecting with nature, and living a natural ritual you haven't experienced before!

Exquisite & Experiential Cuisine

  • Offering you meals inspired by your destination, we work with the best local chefs and suppliers.
  • Our chefs have worked closely with local experts to consider flavor, design, and even the placement of tableware.​​​​​​​
  • Since your health and well-being are our top priorities, we work with nutritionists to meet your dietary needs.