Investment products

Tayrona Capital introduces its four major business lines across Real Estate, Hospitality, and Tourism industries. As a result of our integrated business vision and meticulous market research, we are able to offer highly profitable investments in both the short and long term, whilst reducing the interest rates. Our company manages a broad spectrum of projects that assures our investors are protected from constant economic and political changes through studied steps to mitigate the associated risks, as well as, different exit strategies in case any exempted potential risks happen.

Furthermore, by our global mobility program we enable investors to maximize their investment earnings in a legally and efficient tax manner, enhancing their business opportunities and their quality lifestyles.

Privilege Hotel Owership (PHO): A Global Real Estate Investment Program

An investment program in hotel properties that offers co-ownership at the most luxurious destinations in the world, providing guaranteed income with a low single-payment initial investment. It includes a title deed without any hidden fees, higher rent guarantees, stays in over 200 luxury hotels worldwide, discounts on hotel services, and membership rewards PLC, among other benefits.

Citizenship by Investment (CBI): Leading Citizenship through Real Estate Investment

The CBI Program is the process offered by several countries to legally grant second citizenship and Residence to individuals and their families in exchange for an investment in the country’s economy. This process allows individuals to receive benefits such as Travel freedom, privilege tax schemes, and the ability to work and study with defined perks.

Private Luxury Club (PLC): Let's begin your lifelong dream together!

An investment program created to generate unique lifestyle experiences, personalized luxury travel, and comfort, thanks to our worldwide alliances with acclaimed travel suppliers and hotels. The strategic axes of this program are the personalized service and accompaniment of a whole team specialized in ultra-luxury hospitality and customer assistance, who will guarantee you live the best experiences of your life.

Wealth Strategies (WS)

A program that offers investment opportunities for governments, companies, and wealthy individuals. By joining the Tayrona Capital network of hospitality projects, clients receive a portfolio focused on private investment ventures and socioeconomic programs. Wealth strategies services also include analyzing investment opportunities, formulating analysis of business opportunities, and establishing performance parameters for investments made.

The Return on Investment in Tayrona Capital

As a mature financial institution that puts forward a new concept of Real Estate and Hospitality investment in different investment scales thanks to our projects’ portfolio around the world. The company also has a commitment to its stakeholders and partners offering more ROI than the standard property market, it is thus that Tayrona Capital presents the main 5 reasons for its profitability. 


Tayrona Capital invests in its own assets, and it is funded by its own resources rather than relying on speculative markets.



Tayrona Capital has strategic alliances with world-class governments and companies, reducing development costs by up to 70%.



Our Luxury-Hotel business revenue stream comes from different items, such as the accommodation rentals that revolves around the lease of Suites and Villas, where entry level of any five-star hotel starts at $1,000 USD per night, assuring an occupancy rate since 86%). In addition, other Hotel revenues come from: Food and Beverage, events and wellness facilities.



Tayrona Capital ensures a win-win business relationship in a fair percentage. Our company shares up to 50% of the income with the client, in contrast to other financial institutions that share just 4%-6% with them.



Tayrona Capital manages a Sovereign Funds Trust through the TCGC oversight whilst receiving capital injections to finance its business that meet the three main initiatives: the implementation of sustainability, an increase of employment, and the promotion and creation of tourism destinations, without having to incur into debt for the development of its projects.