October 20, 2022


Spanish society's leading figures such as Madrid's vice major Begona Villacís along with Javier Castillo, and Paul Montiel among other entities attended Miguel Sierralta's premiere of "Invisibles". A film directed by Daniel Landa aims to raise awareness about homeless people in society in general, a problem that not only affects Europe but also Latin America.
September 30, 2022
The Benefits of Owning International Real Estate

The Benefits of Owning International Real Estate

A well-diversified wealth portfolio through offshore property ownership is a smart financial move that contributes to the development of a long-term, mature international investment horizon, yielding higher returns and privileges.
September 3, 2022

Green Bay’s port can be revived by Tayrona Capital Group’s millions

Tayrona Capital investment fund's purchase list for Ospedaletti, which suddenly emerged last month along with large bids for the Byblos compendium, Pian d'Asché embankment, and Piccadilly, is growing. While in the crosshairs of the Monaco-based financial group is the Baia Verde harbor, the big unfinished business.
July 28, 2022

Green Vision Award

This project strengthens the partnership between luxury developers Intermedia and Tayrona Capital, and their combined presence in the Monaco, Italy, and Benelux markets, which explains Genovese, ‘aims to establish new standards of quality, performance, and sustainability in a new market for Tayrona Capital and Europe, of which Italy is at the center of our attention, where we try to enhance what really matters to us: our people, our customers, and Mother Earth.’
July 28, 2022

Sagana Dominican Republic

Through the development of the mixed-use Ultra-Luxury Integrated Destination complex, Sagana Blu Terrenas – Dominican Republic, aims to be at the forefront of the new eco-conscious tourism and hospitality trend in the Caribbean region.