Corporate Strategy

Tayrona Capital in Property Investment transformation

Tayrona Capital is committed to its hybrid Real Estate- Hospitality business formula, located in outlandish and profitable tourist destinations. Project profitability is generated from the appreciation of Real Estate value (Villas and Suites), rental income, and the generation of additional income from the amenities of a luxury hotel. 

Every project is carefully selected to provide maximum investor return, wellness to our guests and stakeholders, as well as to embrace the cultural heritage of each country. This has enabled our Sagana Hotel trademark to settle in the market as the first human-oriented brand redefining the meaning of hospitality and service. 

Beyond our core, Tayrona Capital is also the administrator of sovereign funds, representing capital investments of more than 25 countries, and the support of the World Bank’s International Bank of Reconstruction and Development, with the mandate to create socio-economic benefits through the creation of tourism, and massive employment around the world.